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Students are expected to attend class each day as a student at Pike Preparatory Academy.

  • Each quarter, a student cannot accumulate more than five (5) unexcused absences in any one class.
  • Parents/students are expected to notify the office ahead of time if they will be absent from school. Please call 317-347-8352 to report an absence.


Pike Preparatory Academy has a zero-tolerance for students who are disruptive, disrespectful, or violate any other code of conduct outlined in the student handbook.

  • The principal makes all decisions regarding behavior. Students who violate the MSD Pike Township Code of Conduct will be referred to the principal on an office referral (S-1). Students, may receive an out of school suspension or be completely removed from the Pike Preparatory Academy High School Program. Students who are removed from Pike Preparatory Academy may not return to Pike High School to attend classes. 
  • Students attending Pike Preparatory Academy are expected to conduct themselves as responsible young adults. Class schedules, lunchtimes, and school privileges may be altered in order to help students achieve academic success and graduate with a diploma.

Academic Achievement

All courses must be completed with a final grade of 75% or higher. This grade will be based on homework assignments, tests/quizzes, and presentations. Students will be working to earn a Pike High School Core 40 or General Diploma.

  • Students will be expected to turn in assignments daily in order to stay on pace for course completion and graduation. Each course is taught over the course of nine weeks, but in some cases, students may work ahead to earn a credit early.
  • Students may be requested by Pike Preparatory Academy staff members to spend extra time after school to ensure course completion.
  • Failure to comply with the academic requests and overall lack of academic effort may result in removal from the Pike Preparatory Academy High School program.