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PPA Overview

High School Mission Statement

The mission of the Pike Preparatory Academy High School is to provide Pike High School seniors an alternative setting and opportunity to obtain a diploma at a pace more relevant to their individual lifestyles. These students are either behind in earned credits or face circumstances that hinder their success in the traditional school setting. Pike Preparatory Academy is an extension of Pike High School. Therefore students remain active as Pike High School students, but they take their courses in the alternative setting until they meet the requirements necessary to earn a Pike High School Diploma. All students who meet the graduation requirements participate in the Pike High School Graduation Ceremony at the conclusion of the school year.

Student Profile 

Pike Preparatory Academy is a program designed to help 12th-grade students earn credits at an accelerated pace so they may graduate on time. 

Enrollment Process

  • Minimum 20 credit requirement for students beginning 1st Quarter of Senior Year - (August)
  • Minimum 24 credit requirement for students beginning 2nd Quarter of Senior Year - (October)
  • Minimum 28 credit requirement for students beginning 3rd Quarter of Senior Year - (January)
  • Minimum 32 credit requirement for students beginning 4th Quarter of Senior Year - (March)
  • Students are referred to PPA by their Pike High School counselor or an administrator.
  • Students attend informational and parent orientation meetings.
  • Students and their families are notified by the PPA Principal if they are accepted into the program.

Program Highlights

1. An accelerated academic program which meets the individual needs of each student and allows them to earn credits quarterly.

2. Each class has a 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio. This small class size allows teachers to serve as a valuable resource for students who need individual attention.

3. Empowerment opportunities, such as service-learning, college readiness, and career exploration prepare students to be productive members of society.

Grading Scale

A 100 - 94

A- 93 - 90

B+ 89 - 87

B 86 - 84

B- 83 - 80

C+ 79 - 77

C 76 - 75

F 74 - 0

Pike Preparatory Academy High School requires that students score a minimum of 75% on all work turned in for credit in any class. This includes homework, projects, tests, quizzes, and tests. Any work that is scored below seventy-five percent must be resubmitted.